Can Donald Trump be President


The US election is just around the corner and with just over a couple of weeks left until the people of the US decide who is going to be their next leader, it may still be a surprise to many to see Donald Trump still in win a chance of winning. Hillary Clinton is of course a firm favourite and is expected to take leadership in January 2017 but it is still a two horse race between her and Donald Trump with the rest of the candidates looking all but out of it.

The way in which Donald Trump has gone about his campaign is questionable to some, with some of the comments he has made and incidents that have taken place it’s very surprising to see him still with a chance of taking leadership. It’s obvious Donald Trump is liked by many otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position he is now, but a lot more people don’t like him so the question is, why does Donald Trump still have a chance of winning the election? A lot of the people do not rate Donald Trump and don’t think he is a serious enough candidate to take on the role as leader of the country. Some of the ways in which he has gone about stuff has been questionable and some people even think he is racist.

The problem a lot of people seem to have with Donald Trump is that they have a great leader in Barack Obama already, and the country will simply be going backgrounds instead of forwards if they instated Donald Trump as their new leader. Barack Obama’s tenor has come under scrutiny plenty of times but he has still come in for nearly 8 years of service and has made plenty of positive moves during his time. People would much prefer to keep Barack Obama than have someone like Donald Trump come in and take over the reins.

Hillary Clinton is by far the best candidate for the job and even though people wanted other candidates instead of her, they have now put their faith in her because they certainly do not want Donald Trump to takeover. Many people didn’t think Donald Trump would even get this far but he has beaten the odds plenty of times during his campaign and now he finds himself just short of Hillary Clinton in the race.

Donald Trump has made his objectives pretty clear when it comes to immigration, he practically wants to build a massive wall around the US and protect all of the citizens within, which plenty of people have deemed to be racist, whereas other citizens like the idea because of all of the terrorist attacks happening around the world as we speak. Many people like his list of objectives that he is looking to achieve during his tenor if he gets it, whereas plenty of other people think he talks a load of rubbish and is quite frankly not serious enough to be leader of the country.

With all of the above being said, Donald Trump is still up there with a shot and it will only take a couple of states to vote in his favour that could swing the whole election on its head. There is still over a couple of weeks until the decision takes place and there is still plenty of work for both parties to undertake before either of them can be sure of anything. All it takes is for a couple of surprises to pop up along the way and Donald Trump could end up winning the election, whether people like it or not.